Why Buy New?




The new homes being built in North Texas are offering more benefits than ever.  Here's a quick list of why so many buyers are choosing new homes instead of previously-owned homes:


1) Dream Home - You can design your dream home the way you want it.  Your own style will be reflected in your new home, not someone else's choice of flooring, cabinets, fixtures, and countertops.  

2) Floor Plan - You can choose the perfect floor plan that meets your needs with the room layout you want.  

3) Brand New and Under Warranty - You're not going to need immediate maintenance on a new home.  And any issue you have will still be under warranty.  Everything has the latest designs and updates so that you have years of enjoyment before you might potentially need to replace anything. Not only that but the latest building systems and components are designed and engineered to work together.

4) Energy and Efficiency - Builders are implementing energy efficient windows and features that will save you money.  New homes are far more energy efficient than even homes that were built just five years ago.  New codes also mean state-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration.

5) Community Amenities - Many of the new communities where builders are constructing homes include lavish community centers, pools, and clubhouses.  Some of them even have trails, and they are often situated near the best schools and shopping.

6) Advanced Design - Yes, you can update an older home, but it's expensive.  With a new home, you will have the latest appliances, the high ceilings you enjoy, high-performance windows, and other features you would enjoy.  Everything will be integrated and will reflect the way you live.

7) Safety - Things we sometimes don't think about - state-of the art circuit breakers, infrared beams to stop garage doors from shutting on something or someone, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditions that are environmentally-friendly, paints with fewer volatile compounds so your family can breathe easier - all contribute to the safety of you and your family.

8) It's a New Home! - OK, maybe this one doesn't need stating, but it's YOUR home.  And it's NEW. And you picked the features.  It has the new home feel and reflects your style and tastes.


Let's face it... new homes offer you the latest designs, style, comfort, and quality.  You can just enjoy your home, instead of spend your time working on it.


Let me help you find the new home right for YOU.

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